Spring Lyceum lectures at CC

Weekly Lyceum lectures are presented 1-1:50 p.m. Wednesdays in Washington Hall 103 or Corbet Theatre, and are free and open to the public.

Lyceum may be taken as a one-credit Humanities course.

For more information, call 360-623-8120.

April 12 – How Language Affects Community

We will be discussing how language can transform the perception of victims of sexual violence in our communities. This presentation is being led by the Human Response Network.

April 19 – El Payaso

This is a theatrical performance to be held in Corbet Theatre.

In 1987, Ben Linder was killed by Contras in Nicaragua, during a war fueled by the Reagan administration of the United States. For the 30th anniversary of Ben’s passing, this play will share with a new generation, an inspirational story of one idealist who saw the potential of art and science to help save the world, one small village at a time.

Amidst chaos, confusion and war, an American engineer worked to bring electricity to rural villages in Nicaragua. “El Payaso” invites the audience to learn the story of an incredible man and the extraordinary people with whom he unexpectedly connected. Our tale is told through the eyes of Elías, a Latino college student, traveling to Nicaragua 30 years later, to encounter the people who are still carrying on the work of the late Ben Linder. An engineer and a clown for a cause, Linder participated in rallies and health campaigns that brought vaccines to children. His memory lives on in the work of Clowns without Borders and various environmental groups that are collaborating to bring this story to life. With red noses and humor, the performers will share the value of “thinking globally, while acting locally.”

For details on the performance, visit the Milagro Theatre website.

April 26 -Through the Eyes of a Friend

Through The Eyes of a Friend is the story of Sarah Weis, the daughter of an average German family forced to move to Holland when the Nazis come to power. In Holland, Sarah becomes friends with Anne Frank. When Anne and Sarah are teenagers, the Nazis invade Holland. This is a Living Voices performance.

May 3 – “I am Ocean, The Difference You Make”

I Am Ocean creates an interactive bridge across oceans and cultures through video snapshots of the people whose lives are deeply impacted by each ebb and flow. The OMI (Ocean Media Institute) integrates students’ video footage into “video postcards” that serve as a direct call to action for stauncher protections of our seas. This presentation is by Elise DuFour, who has more than 30 years working in ocean conservation and education.

May 10 – Know Your Rights as a Citizen

Assistant Attorney General Dave Stolier will be talking about your first amendment rights. What are your rights and how can you use them to your advantage.

May 17 – Hundreds of Hats and Bags for Africa

Retired Centralia College instructor and 2017 Centralia College Distinguished Alumna, Alicia Wicks, has spent much of her retirement in Africa. She visited Liberia, Ghana, and Kenya and worked with at-risk women and girls. From the Liberian slum-dwelling girls at the More Than Me School, in Ghana at the Street Child Rescue Organization, and in Kenya living with a Maasai family and working with Maasai women and girls out in the middle of nowhere, buying beads for them and their finished projects of beaded jewelry. She just returned in March from an extended stay with her Maasai family.

May 24 – George Washington founder of Centralia

In August, Centralia will mark the 200th birthday of its founder, George Washington. This presentation will cover his life as the son of a former slave and a woman of English decent and then being raised by a White couple, Anna and James Cochran, to his travels across the United States, founding Centerville (Centralia) and helping the townspeople through the Panic of 1893.

May 31 – Working with the Orphanages in Cambodia

Tim Gilmore will share his experience working with the orphanages Cambodia.

June 7 – Supporting the Transgender Community

Members of a local transgender support group will give insight into the community and how others can provide support and understanding.


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