New associate degree in music

Centralia College will offer a new associate degree in music this fall.

This marks the first time the college has offered a full degree in music. The degree is a Direct Transfer – Associate in Arts degree, which is meant to transfer directly to any bachelor’s degree music program in the state.

Auditions for the new music degree program will be held by appointment May 12, 13, and 16. To schedule an audition, contact music professor Dr. Beth May at 360-623-8487 or Musicians and singers are asked to prepare a selection of their choice.

“The new associate in music degree is a wonderful opportunity for students. For those who want to transfer on to a university and major in music, it allows them to incorporate all of the music theory and performance classes they need in their first two years,” said Dr. Bob Mohrbacher, Centralia College president. “I know we talk a lot about the importance of STEM education these days, but we can’t lose sight of the importance of the arts.”

Full-time students can typically complete the associate degree in two years. Classes will start in September.

“For musicians, Centralia College has a lot of advantages. We have smaller classes and more opportunity for personal instruction, while still offering the full complement of courses needed to transfer to a four-year college later on,” added Dr. May. “Musicians tend to advance quickly in this environment and have the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.”

For more information on Centralia College’s music program, call 360-623-8487.


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