Reaume named Staff Member of the Year

The Washington State Association of College Trustees has selected Janet Reaume, Centralia College’s executive assistant to the president and board of trustees, as recipient of the 2017 Professional Staff Member Award.

Reaume has been working at the college since 2008, starting as an office clerk for the WorkFirst program. She was immediately recognized as a hard worker and picked up extra hours in departments across campus. President Dr. Jim Walton (now retired) was so impressed with her, he asked her to help in his office part-time. She transitioned to full-time in 2010.

As the executive assistant, Reaume serves both the president and the board of trustees. She coordinates meetings and travel schedules, tracks budgets, serves as a primary contact for the college, addresses community inquiries, and prepares informational materials and resources for the trustees. She also serves on a number of campus committees and coordinates with state and legislative offices on college matters.

In addition to possessing stellar organizational skills, Reaume was praised for her soft skills, those that make her invaluable to the campus and community.

“Janet has great people skills—she is able to read between the lines and sense when someone is anxious or dissatisfied,” explained college President Dr. Bob Mohrbacher. “Many people from across campus—and in the larger community—seek out Janet for help or advice. She is always cheerful about working with people on a wide variety of issues, whether it is trivial or urgent.”

For the trustees, who are not on campus daily, Reaume has been a tireless and trusted resource.

“As a trustee, I am often witness to Janet’s organizational skills, her efficient use of time, as well as her wonderful ability to creatively think outside the proverbial box,” said Doris Wood-Brumsickle, chair of the board of trustees. “These skills enable us to approach the future with thoughtful new ideas and better connect with our district’s residents. For example, her suggestion that we conduct a scan with area artists led the trustees to a marvelous discussion with nearly 35 local artists and a strengthening of that relationship. “

Reaume received her award today May 25 at the ACT Awards Dinner at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake.


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