Explore global health issues at CCEast

Get a broader worldview and put a human face to the issues we hear about in the news with HLTH 141: Global Health Issues at Centralia College this fall.

Gretchen Jones, healthcare provider, health educator, and world traveler, will be teaching HLTH 141, which meets both Health & Fitness and Diversity requirements.  Jones says she is excited to explore with Centralia College students the health issues and other factors that influence people’s health worldwide.

What will we do in Global Health Issues?

  • Take a tour around the world, with each student representing a different country. Look at the health issues and health perspectives in different countries and communities.
  • Investigate issues, such as malnutrition, sanitation, infectious disease, and maternal-child health.
  • Learn how daily living conditions, socio-economics, education, and culture influence a person’s health and healthcare options.
  • Keep track of global health issues in the news. Research a global health topic of personal interest, and present findings to the class.
  • Discover the changing face of prevalent health issues and the work of individuals, organizations, and whole countries to improve the health conditions of those around the world.

Whether you study economics, education, or are training to be a medical assistant or other health-related profession, this multidisciplinary class will add another dimension to your field of study.




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