Join us Aug. 15 at WAH

On Aug. 15, Centralia College will formally rededicate Washington Hall to honor both the people of Washington and George Washington, Centralia’s founder and first citizen.

The rededication ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, George Washington’s 200th birthday, in Washington Hall on the Centralia College campus. Speaking at the event will be former Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court Gerry Alexander, the Centralia College Board of Trustees, and Centralia College student Heather Beaird.

The community is invited to join in this celebration. Refreshments will be provided.

When Washington Hall was first dedicated in 2001, there was discussion of the role of George Washington, of the contributions of Washington taxpayers in funding the building, and of the fact that the building is located on Washington Avenue. However, none of these items were specifically called out in the naming resolution. The rededication will address that omission. The college is proud to play a small part in celebrating the community’s history and to take part in the year-long celebration of the bicentennial of George Washington’s birth.

“In many ways, this town and Centralia College are the living monument to George Washington. Though he never saw the college (he died 20 years before its founding in 1925), the spirit with which he lived and founded the city echo through the college’s walls and classrooms,” said Dr. Bob Mohrbacher, Centralia College president. “Throughout his life, George Washington taught himself many trades and furthered the cause of equal rights for all. That legacy is kept alive here at Centralia College, where generations of people have learned trades, grown, and improved their lives with education and hard work. They’ve built families, communities, and legacies that will withstand the tests of time.”


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