New – Intro to Teaching at CCEast

This fall, Centralia College East is offering classes for students interested in a teaching degree. These classes will launch students toward a two-year Associate in Arts Education Degree, as well as satisfy some of the prerequisites toward the new Bachelor of Applied Science Teacher Education degree offered through Centralia College.

Is teaching a good fit for you?
This series of classes helps students determine early on whether or not they are cut out for teaching – by providing experience with kids in the classroom and/or on the Cispus Challenge Course, along with academic courses during their first quarter.

Partnership with Cispus Learning Center
As part of the field experience piece of EDUC& 205, students have the option of spending time with children in the traditional classroom setting or on the Cispus Challenge Course as a facilitator. Students interested in becoming a certified facilitator will spend a weekend in training and will follow-up with course facilitation of school-aged youth on the low challenge course at the Cispus Learning Center. For more information on the Challenge Course, visit

Interested in learning more?
Stop by Centralia College East (701 Airport Way, Morton) or call 360-496-5022 to set up an appointment with an advisor.

Sample First-Year Degree Plan *

Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
EDUC& 205         5 credits

Intro to Education w/ Field Experience

ENGL& 101 (C)    5 credits

English Composition


CMST& 220 (H)   5 credits

Public Speaking




All classes at CCEast.

EDUC& 115             5 credits

Child Development


GEOL& 208 (S)       5 credits

Geology of the PNW


ECON& 201 (SS)     5 credits






One day/week at Centralia campus.

EDUC& 130        3 credits

Guiding Behavior (Online)


ENGL& 102 (C)   5 credits

Composition II

HLTH 130 (HF)   3 credits

Health & Wellness


ART 174 (H)        5 credits

Digital Photography


All classes at CCEast.

* Course offerings are based on current information and are subject to change.


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