Paint Night at CCEast

Since spring, Centralia College East has hosted its first Paint Nights, an event for aspiring artists of all abilities, with the ambitious goal of completing a painting start to finish in one fun-filled evening. The first paint night was such a huge success that the event has been repeated on a monthly basis with different themes each time. Nearly every night has been sold out, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

The participation fee of $35 is used to cover the costs (instructors, supplies, snacks, and beverages). A sold-out event covers not only the costs, but generates additional revenue for the Friends of CCEast Scholarship Fund.

To date, there have been five paint nights, with a total of 97 participants, and $925 has been raised for Friends of CCEast.

A big thank you to our Paint Night instructors, Sue Wachter and Joan Hitchcock, who have the skills to help people of all abilities create their own masterpiece in a matter of hours. The teaching duo guides participants through the process, one basic step at a time, until it all culminates in a finished project.

Interested in trying this out yourself? Call Centralia College East, 360-496-5022, to learn more or to register.


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