Scholarships available for spring business classes

The Centralia College Foundation announces the availability of the Ellis Oliver/Chamber Matching Scholarships for Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce members and their employees for winter quarter. Open registration begins March 7 with classes beginning April 2.

Applicants need to contact the foundation office for an application. Scholarships recipients will have half of their tuition paid from the scholarship. Students will be responsible for the other half plus and books and fees.

The following classes are offered during spring quarter:

Financial Reporting
8150 ACCT 200R3 (5) 4:30-5:50pm TTh MOR 101
8151 ACCT 200R5 (5) Flexible
This course emphasizes the fundamentals of double-entry accounting and the preparation of financial statements for business entities. Topics include, but are not limited to, accounting for assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses. Prerequisite: Compass minimum score of MATH 096 or evidence score entrance equiv.

Intro to Business
7141 BUS& 101AP1 (5) Online
Introduction to the world of business. Emphasis will include functions of business, management, types of business ownership, human resources, production, marketing, ethics, and the role of accounting.

Business Math
8 7134 BUS 121AP1 (5) Online
Surveys the commercial application of mathematics designed to assess and analyze business activities and their effect on cost, profitability and overall performance. Prerequisite: MATH 096 or equivalent test score.

Business Law
7142 BUS& 201A3 (5) 8-9:50am MW WSC 109
7143 BUS& 201B5 (5) Flexible
Introduction to state and federal constitution, laws and procedures including international trade, crimes, torts, contracts, sales, property, bankruptcy, securities, consumer protection, employment, and debtor-creditor relationships. The relationship between ethics and law will be discussed.

Principles of Finance
7136 BUS 215A3 (5) 12-12:50pm MTThF MSG 106
7137 BUS 215B5 (5) Flexible
An introduction to the sources and uses of funds in a business. Focuses on ratio analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, business valuation, and the relationship between risk and rate of return. Emphasizes the managerial implications of financial risk. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201 or ACCT 200 or instructor permission.

7138 BUS 220A3 (5) 9-9:50am MWF WAH 115
A broad overview of the market structure and marketing philosophies currently being used in business. Includes a description, analysis, and evaluation of the marketing system. Each student will conduct a marketing research project.

Keyboarding for Business
7098 BTEC 101A4 (3) 9-9:50am Daily WAH 207
7099 BTEC 101B4 (3) 12-12:50pm Daily WAH 207
7100 BTEC 101R (3) 1:30-4pm TTh MOR 112
For beginning students. Learn to keyboard to 25wpm by touch. Develop speed, accuracy and apply basic word processing techniques to letters, reports and tables.

Keyboard Skillbuilding I
7102 BTEC 102A4 (3) 9-9:50am Daily WAH 207
7103 BTEC 102B4 (3) 12-12:50pm Daily WAH 207
7104 BTEC 102R (3) 1:30-4pm TTh MOR 112
Individualized skillbuilding program for increasing keyboarding speed and improving accuracy. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to type at a minimum of 35wpm with no more than one error per minute. Prerequisite: BTEC 101 and typing at 35wpm or instructor permission.

Applied Business Math
7106 BTEC 120A4 (5) 8-8:50am Daily WAH 105
Fundamental arithmetic skills applied to a wide range of business activities. Topics include; banking, discounts, payroll, simple interest, markups and markdowns and promissory notes.

Word I
7110 BTEC 210A3 (5) 11-11:50am Daily WAH 205
7112 BTEC 210R5 (5) Flexible MOR 112
Class covers Word in depth: document preparation, formatting, graphics, WordArt, columns, sorts, charts, mail merge, and styles. Students will format business documents to business standards. Prerequisite: keyboard skill of 35wpm or instructor permission.

7113 BTEC 214A3 (5) 12-12:50pm MTWTh WAH 205
7115 BTEC 214R5 (5) Flexible MOR 112
A hands-on approach for beginning through intermediate level applications of Excel spreadsheet using a variety of business applications. Prerequisite: word processing, windows, keyboard skills.

Desktop Publishing
7116 BTEC 218A (4) 11-11:50am MWF WAH 207
7118 BTEC 218R5 (4) Flexible MOR 112
Course covers desktop publishing terminology and concepts to plan, create, and design professional-looking businesses and personal documents. Prerequisite: Word, keyboard speed of 35wpm.

Word II
7119 BTEC 219A3 (4) 9-9:50am MTWTh WAH 205
7121 BTEC 219R5 (4) Flexible MOR 112
Course covers footnotes, endnotes, citations, bibliographies, table of contents, indexes, linked textboxes, multilevel lists, building blocks, fill-in forms, macros, outlines, Quick Parts, templates formal reports. Prerequisite: Word 1, keyboard speed of 35wpm.

Ten-Key Calculator
7122 BTEC 220A (1) 10-10:50am MW WAH 111
Touch control of 10-key pad with emphasis on speed and accuracy. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division techniques used in solving business problems. Basic or business math recommended first. Lab fee $7.15.

Business Communications
7123 BTEC 221A (5) 10-10:50am Daily WAH 207
Applying principles of effective communication in written and oral business communication: letters, memos, reports, and presentations. Upon completion, students should be able to produce effective positive, negative, and routine letters, memos, and reports and graphs. Prerequisite: BTEC 110, ENGL& 101, or instructor permission.

Microsoft Office-PowerPoint Module
7125 BTEC 222R5 (1) ARR Th MOR 112
An introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint. Upon completion of this course, students should have beginning knowledge of a presentation program. Prerequisite: keyboard speed of 35wpm, Windows Workstations OS or instructor permission.

General Office Procedures
7126 BTEC 224A (5) 1-2:20pm MWF WAH 212
Topics include: professional image and dress, employer expectations, human relations, receptionist techniques, telephone procedures, processing mail, business ethics, job safety, office supplies and equipment, travel and meeting arrangements, reprographics, financial activities, PC cleaning/care, internet and email. Prerequisite: grade of 2.0 in BTEC 110 or instructor permission.

For questions about this matching scholarship or for an application, please contact the Centralia College Foundation office at or at 360-623-8942.


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