New business class at CCEast

There’s quite a bit of talk these days about soft skills.

Employers want their employees to have them. Job seekers need them. Many degrees and certificates require classes that include them.  So how can people learn and practice these human relations skills?

Soft skills are personal attributes people need to succeed in the workplace. These include communicating effectively, working as a part of a team, managing conflict, setting goals, being self aware, developing good work habits, as well as managing stress and personal problems so they do not interfere with work performance.

In response to this training need identified by local employers, Centralia College East has added a new non-credit community business class to the spring schedule — Human Relations in the Workplace (SMGT 110).

“I love seeing students walk away feeling more confident and capable,” said Bobbi Barnes, CC East instructor. “People who feel good about themselves and their abilities are better able to work independently, as well as better able to work with others. They bring a positive energy to the workplace.”

The class includes team-building activities as well as individual self-assessments and reflection. Students in the community business section are in the classroom with students taking the class for credit, but will not be graded.

Other community business classes in the spring include Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.  To learn more, stop by Centralia College East (701 Airport Way), or call 360-496-5022.



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