Welding student chosen to make new park sign

Joseph Buxton_Spring_2018_studenthighlightJoseph Buxton, a second-year welding student at Centralia College, has been chosen to create a new entrance sign for Rotary Riverside Park in Centralia. Buxton will be presenting a half-size model of his sign at the Centralia Rotary Club meeting on April 17.

Buxton was among several students who submitted design ideas to the Rotary Club for consideration. The welding class was asked to submit designs for the sign and Buxton knew right away he wanted to participate.

“I’ve always been a fabricator of sorts. I like to make my own stuff and push the limits of what I do,” he said, adding he was honored the Rotary Club chose his design.

Buxton, who lives in Rochester, will graduate from the welding program in June. A mechanic by trade, he received an Opportunity Grant and other grant funding to go back to school to study welding.

“You can get a really great job and there’s funding available, which really helps,” he said. “If I can do it, anyone can.”

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  1. Way to go, Joe! We are proud of you here in Kemp Hall!!

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