Foundation awards 2018 Hanke grants

The Centralia College Foundation has announced this year’s recipients of the Hanke Faculty Achievement Awards and Staff Mini-grants, named for Walter Hanke, one of the foundation’s longtime supporters.

Centralia College employees were eligible to apply for grants to cover expenses outside the scope of state resources, including special projects, activities, or equipment.

“Where foundation scholarships support students in a very direct way, the faculty awards and staff mini-grants support the college’s overall learning environment,” said Christine Fossett, Centralia College Foundation director. “This additional funding supports the projects and equipment our staff and faculty need in and out of the classroom.”

Faculty Achievement Awards

Toby Avalos, anthropology professor, was awarded a grant for purchase of a stone tool collection for the lab portion of the biological anthropology course.

“I currently have to teach this lab with pictures/graphics on the overhead projector along with paper cut-outs of the stone tools – a real shortcoming in lieu of physical specimens,” Avalos explained. “Having the actual stone tool specimens (replicas) for this lab in the future will allow students to fully grasp and conceptualize the significance of these tool types within their paleoanthropological and cultural context. I am excited the funding provided by the Hanke award will be enough to allow us to purchase this indispensable lab material, completing most of the stone tool collection necessary to teach this course effectively.”

Steve Norton, biology professor, received a grant for equipment to create a Virtual Field Trip for his marine biology and oceanography classes. The funding is for underwater meters, sensors, and a camera to record and produce virtual field trips for students who cannot go in person.

“Because the Virtual Field Trips will be available on the web, I hope that instructors who teach sections of these courses at Centralia College and at other colleges will use these resources, too,” Norton said. “I presented an outline of this project at the recent annual meeting of the Northwest Biology instructors and the attendees were quite enthusiastic.”

Norton will use the equipment to record field trips of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef this summer.

Hanke Staff Mini-Grants

This year, $9,600 was awarded to support 10 projects.

  • Outreach materials for Enrollment Services
  • Security lockers for the Testing Center
  • Event tents
  • Camera equipment
  • New lawn mowers for the campus grounds
  • A small refrigerator for a science laboratory
  • Hand/ground tools for the campus
  • Promotional materials for the 2019 job fair
  • Gloves and snacks for KNOLL work parties
  • Grocery items to assist stocking the CC Food Pantry
  • Gift cards and giveaways for the Trailblazer Kickoff event in the fall

Recipients will be officially recognized at the college’s staff breakfast on June 15.


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