Learn Spanish this summer

This summer, students will be able to earn 15 credits of Spanish in just eight weeks at Centralia College.

Typically, it takes three quarters (a traditional academic year) to earn 15 credits, the amount typically needed for bachelor’s degree programs.

Centralia College will offer this Intensive Spanish option for students wanting to complete their foreign language requirements quickly and at a much lower cost than taking it at their four-year college.

“Some students may have started their language courses, but now need to finish more credits for their undergraduate degree. If they are home from university for the summer, they can complete their language credits in one quarter,” explained Spanish instructor Laura Martinez. “This is also an amazing way for someone who has taken Spanish in the past, but wants to refresh before entering second-year Spanish. Many times, students never get to that rewarding second year, as it takes so long to get through Spanish I, II and III.”

The Spanish I class runs from July 2-20.

The Spanish II class runs from July 23-Aug. 6.

The Spanish III class runs from Aug. 7-24.

All three classes will meet in the classroom from 7:30-10:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday. As hybrid courses, they will also have approximately another 13 hours a week to complete online.

Each class is five credits. Students can jump into the series anytime, depending on their needs and prior experience.

“Students who finish the series will be ready for Spanish 221 in the fall,” added Martinez. “This is good news for language majors, or those seeking a minor in the language.”

For more information, contact Martinez at 360-623-8392 or laura.martinez@centralia.edu.



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