Thank you, Joanne Schwartz

Joanne_2015 001The Centralia College board of trustees will host a reception for Trustee Joanne Schwartz from 2 to 3 p.m. Thursday in the college boardrooms (located inside Hanson Hall). The reception (and the regular board meeting that follows) is open to the public.

Schwartz has served as a college trustee for 10 years. Thursday’s meeting will be her last as a trustee. Her replacement has not been announced by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Schwartz, who was named the 2018 Trustee of the Year by the Washington Association of College Trustees (ACT),  has a long history of public service. In 1984, she was the first woman elected to the Lewis County Board of Commissioners, serving two terms. She was the director of community service and economic development administrator for the city of Chehalis. She also served as the community relations and marketing director for Centralia General Hospital. She was a founding member of the Lewis County Economic Development Council and is currently serving her first term on the Chehalis Industrial Commission.

In addition to the various professional and elected positions she has held, Schwartz has been continuously involved in many community service activities. She was a co-founder of the Chehalis Foundation and currently serves as the Foundation’s secretary. She has also served on the Centralia Hospital Community Ministry Board and is a longtime member of the SERTOMA service club.

“Joanne is a well-known and well-respected member of the local community. Her sterling reputation reflects well on the college and helps to create important partnerships in the community,” said Jim Lowery, longtime board member. “She is also outgoing, warm, and a delightful person. We are honored to have served with Joanne Schwartz as trustees of Centralia College.”



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