CC’s preschool program receives $800k

Centralia College’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance (ECEAP) program has been awarded $800,000 from the state Department of Commerce to install a new modular classroom building on the Centralia College campus.

The new modular building, which will be located on Pear Street at the southwest edge of campus, near the Technology Building, will replace the LAX, an older modular building currently located across from the Michael Smith Gymnasium on the southeast end of campus.

The current LAX building has space for 56 ECEAP children. The new building will have space for around 80.

“We’ll be able to expand from one regular sized classroom and a small classroom at the LAX to three full-sized classrooms in the new modular building,” explained Teresa Schneider, ECEAP program director. “Expansion is great and we want to serve as many students as possible, but it will be nice, as well, for our students to have new, comfortable classrooms and additional space to spread out.”

The LAX building was built in 2002 for North Seattle Community College. Centralia College purchased it and moved it to campus in 2006.

The terms of the grant require the installation of the new modular building to be significantly completed by June 30.

The college is removing the LAX building to make room for planned athletic facilities across from the Michael Smith Gymnasium.

ECEAP is a state-funded free preschool program for low-income children. Currently, Centralia College’s ECEAP program has 252 children enrolled across Lewis County. Classes are held on the college campus, as well as in Chehalis, Boistfort, Pe Ell, Onalaska, and Winlock.

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