Half-price business classes this winter

The Centralia College Foundation announces the availability of the Ellis Oliver/Chamber Matching Scholarships for Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce members and their employees for winter quarter. Open registration begins Dec. 5 with classes beginning Jan. 2.

Applicants need to contact the foundation office for an application. Scholarships recipients will have half of their tuition paid from the scholarship. Students will be responsible for the other half plus and books and fees. Get an application by calling 360-623-8942 or visiting the foundation office at 401 Centralia College Blvd.

The following classes are offered during winter quarter:

Intro to Business
5131 BUS& 101AP1 (5) Online McClain
Introduction to the world of business. Emphasis will include functions of business, management, types of business ownership, human resources, production, marketing, ethics, and the role of accounting.

Business Math
6137 BUS 121RP1 (5) Online Rath
Surveys the commercial application of mathematics designed to assess and analyze business activities and their effect on cost, profitability and overall performance. Prerequisite: MATH 096 or equivalent test score.

Business Law
5132 BUS& 201A3 (5) 10-10:50am MW WAH 214 McDonald
Introduction to state and federal constitution, laws and procedures including international trade, crimes, torts, contracts, sales, property, bankruptcy, securities, consumer protection, employment, and debtor-creditor relationships. The relationship between ethics and law will be discussed.

Human Resource Mgmt
5127 BUS 203AP1 (5) Online King
Introduction to fundamental concepts of human relations management.
This course will focus on recruiting, employee selection and training, employee performance and compensation, and employee laws and labor. Prerequisite: BUS& 101, college level reading and writing.

6103 BUS 220A3 (5) 9-9:50am MWF WAH 214 McClain +2 hours/week TBA
A broad overview of the market structure and marketing philosophies currently being used in business. Includes a description, analysis, and evaluation of the marketing system. Each student will conduct a marketing research project.

Money and Banking
5128 BUS 225A3 (5) 11-11:50am MWF WSC 107 Rath +2 hours/week TBA
An introduction to the core principles of money and banking. Topics to be discussed include interest rates, financial instruments, financial markets, financial institutions, central banks, monetary policy, financial stability, and modern monetary economics. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201, 202.

Keyboarding for Business
5104 BTEC 101A3 (3) 9-9:50am Daily WAH 207 Copeland
For students without keyboarding skills. Develop speed to 25wpm by touch. Develop speed, accuracy, and basic word processing techniques for letters, reports, and tables.

Keyboard Skillbuilding I
5107 BTEC 102A3 (3) 9-9:50am Daily WAH 207 Copeland
Individualized program for improving keyboarding techniques and increasing speed and accuracy. Upon course completion, students should be able to type at a minimum of 35wpm with one error per minute. Prerequisite: BTEC 101 and typing speed of 25wpm or instructor permission.

Business English
5110 BTEC 110A4 (5) 10-10:50am Daily WAH 205 Lazo
This course is intended to provide a basis for producing office documents. Topics include editing skills including grammar, punctuation, proofreading, and spelling. Business English is a basis for medical documentation, business communications, and office procedures. Prerequisite: ENGL 098 with 2.0 or higher; placement of ENGL 099 or higher.

Keyboard Skillbuilding II
6163 BTEC 203A3 (3) 9-9:50am Daily WAH 207 Copeland
Individualized advanced skillbuilding program for students who have taken BTEC 102. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to type at a minimum of 50wpm with one error per minute. Prerequisite: BTEC 102.

5113 BTEC 205A3 (1) 11-11:50am TTh WAH 205 Lazo
This course covers assorted tasks in Microsoft Outlook. Students will use their college email address to create and send email messages, schedule meetings, maintain calendars, and manage tasks. Prerequisite: IT 117, typing speed of 35wpm, instructor permission.

Word 1
5114 BTEC 210A3 (5) 12-12:50pm Daily WAH 205 Lazo +2 hour/week TBA
5115 BTEC 210RP1 (5) Online Cantin
Course covers Microsoft Word in depth: document preparation, formatting, graphics, WordArt, SmartArt, tabs, columns, sorting, mail merge, styles, Quick Parts, headers/footers, references. Students will format documents to business standards. Prerequisite: IT 117, typing speed of 35 wpm, instructor permission.

Access I
6164 BTEC 212A3 (5) 1-1:50pm MTWTh WAH 207 Copeland +1 hour/week TBA
An introduction to Microsoft Access. Students will learn basic concepts of database software and be able to integrate Access with Word and Excel. Prerequisite: keyboard speed of 30wpm, BTEC 210, BTEC 214 or instructor permission. Lab fee $10.69.

Excel 1
5116 BTEC 214A3 (5) 9-9:50am MTWTh WAH 205 Lazo
6231 BTEC 214BP1 (5) Online Lazo
5117 BTEC 214RP1 (5) Online Cantin
This course is a hands-on approach for beginning through intermediate level applications of Excel spreadsheet using a variety of business applications. Students will learn formulas, charts, formatting, and management of Excel files. Prerequisite: IT 117, typing speed of 35wpm, instructor permission.

Desktop Publishing
5118 BTEC 218RP1 (4) Online Cantin
This course covers terminology, concepts, and tasks related to desktop publishing. Students will plan, create, and design publications for business and personal use. Prerequisite: IT 117, BTEC 210, typing speed of 35wpm, instructor permission.

Word 2
5119 BTEC 219RP1 (5) Online Cantin
This course covers advanced Microsoft Word features such as: linked textboxes, outlines, multi-level lists, sections, translator, AutoCorrect, Building Blocks, Quick Parts, macros, bibliographies, citations, footnotes, endnotes, formal reports, table of contents, indexes, and fill-in forms. Prerequisite: BTEC 210.

Business Communications
5120 BTEC 221A4 (5) 10-10:50am Daily WAH 207 Copeland
Applying principles of effective written and oral business communications. Upon completion, students should be able to produce effective digital media pieces, positive, negative, and persuasive messages, informal reports, and a resume and cover letter. Prerequisite:BTEC 110 or ENGL& 101 or WRT 105.

5121 BTEC 222A4 (1) 11-11:50am W WAH 205 Lazo +1 hour/week TBA
5122 BTEC 222RP1 (1) Online Cantin
Class covers PowerPoint in depth: presentations, formatting, graphics, charts, design, and appropriate visual elements for professional presentations. Prerequisite: IT 117, typing speed of 35wpm, instructor permission. Section A includes required additional lab time on Thursdays, 11-11:50am.

5123 BTEC 233A3 (3) 12-12:50pm MWF WAH 207 Copeland +1 hour/week TBA
Basic principles and procedures of records storage and management. Practice indexing, coding, and filing for alphabetic, numeric, subject, geographic filing systems, and introduction to forms design.

Insurance and Billing
5124 BTEC 255A3 (5) 1-1:50pm MTWTh WAH 205 Scott +1 hour/week TBA
Introduction to major insurance program information and federal healthcare legislation. Exploration of health insurance guidelines and the knowledge and skills required for billing. Prerequisite: BTEC 260.

Medical Terminology
5125 BTEC 260A4 (4) 10-10:50am MTWTh TAC 340 Scott K
Development of a medical vocabulary with emphasis on definition and spelling. Upon completion of this course students should be able to recognize spoken medical terms, analyze word parts for meaning, and understand basic medical terminology.

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