Jobs @ CC

The following positions are now open at Centralia College.

  • Electronics Technician 2
  • Administrative Assistant 3 (Instruction, Arts & Sciences)
  • Basic Education for Adults and Youthful Offender Program Faculty
  • Vice President of Instruction
  • Information Technology Hardware Assistant Professor (Full-Time Temp. – Winter/Spring 2019)
  • Nursing Assistant Professor – Tenure Track
  • Head Coach Women’s Intercollegiate Soccer
  • Adjunct (Part-time) Health and Fitness Instructors
  • Adjunct (Part-time) Operations Management Instructor (spring 2019)
  • Adjunct (Part-time) Human Resources Management Instructors (spring 2019)
  • Adjunct (Part-time) Fine Arts Instructors
  • Adjunct Information Technology: Application Development Instructor
  • Adjunct BAS-Teacher Education Instructors
  • Adjunct English Language Acquisition Instructor
  • Bus Driver (Truck Driver 2) (Substitute)
  • Early Childhood Program Specialist 1 (Substitute)
  • Early Childhood Program Specialist 3 (Substitute)

View these and other position announcements.

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