Success Story: Jo Brooks

Centralia College wasn’t in Jo Brooks’ backyard, but, when she needed help after losing her job, Centralia College was there to reconnect her to a lifelong dream.

Olympia resident Jo Brooks was laid off from her job in February. She had been working as a manager for a wrestling company, organizing high school club competitions. When Jo wasn’t able to find work, she sought the help of Centralia College.

“I decided I wanted to go back to school and I ended up Centralia College because they were the most helpful,” said Jo.

Within three days of coming to CC for help, Jo was admitted, registered for classes, and connected with Worker Retraining funds to help pay for her education.

“I had no idea I was eligible for anything,” said Jo. “Joanie (in Worker Retraining) worked really hard to get this training for me. She is a phenomenal individual.”

Jo is now in a 9-month program to become a medical assistant, a career she’s been interested in pursuing for years. So far, she loves being a student.

“My experience has been wonderful. All of the instructors at CC want you to succeed, and they’ll do everything they can to help you,” she said. “It’s actually a lot easier now that I’m older because I’ve learned to take advantage of the services the college has to offer. “

Since Jo has been out of the classroom for a number of years, she’s used the college’s Writing Center, Math Center, and tutoring services to help her over any rough spots. Plus, she’s made great connections with the other students in the Medical Assistant program.

“It’s me and the same 16 women for the next nine months. It’s an amazing group of women,” she said. “I’ve made so many friends at CC. It’s been easy and not at all stressful.”



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