Interrogation workshop March 26-27

Centralia College Continuing Education program is hosting a two-day workshop on diagnostic kinesics, a proven tool for determining if a subject is deceptive and withholding information, a skill critical for law enforcement officers.

Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Techniques Level 1 will be offered from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 26-27 in the TransAlta Commons at Centralia College. The training is offered two ways – in person at the college or  live streamed online. Cost is $250 before Jan. 30 and $300 until Feb. 28. Registration includes all classes, materials, and a Certificate of Completion from Centralia College Continuing Education.

Register by phone via credit card by calling 360-623-8940 or by email by contacting

Day One topics include:
Kinesic Principles
Self-Initiated Verbal Behaviors
The Interview
Body Language
Voice and Body Deception

Day Two topics include:
Analysis of Written and Verbal Statements
Obtaining the Statement
Analysis of a Statement

Instructors for the two-day workshop are D. Glenn Foster and Christopher Holland.

D. Glenn Foster is the recognized expert, practitioner, and teacher of the Kinesic Interview Technique. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education from Auburn University. He first served with the Atlanta Police Department, and then as a polygraph examiner before launching his lifelong study of deceptive human behaviors.

Teaming up with Frederick. C. Link, they originated the Kinesic Interview Technique. The publication of their 1982 book by the same name established the early kinesic principles. Foster continued to develop the Kinesic Interview Technique while working as a consulting investigator for both law enforcement agencies and private organizations. Over 40 years, Foster has instructed thousands of law enforcement personnel, including U.S. Army Counter Intelligence agents, U.S. State Department personnel, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mexican police kidnapping investigators, insurance investigators, and hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.

Supervisory Special Agent Christopher Holland retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with more than 25 years of state and federal law enforcement service and experience. As an FBI Special Agent, Holland conducted numerous investigations into bank robbery, kidnapping, home invasion, crimes against children, and narcotics trafficking in Chicago and on the East Coast. He is highly skilled and experienced in electronic surveillance and SWAT tactical operations. Holland is also a recognized expert witness in the sexual exploitation of children.

After retiring from the FBI, Holland served for five years as an international police trainer, mentor, and advisor in Afghanistan and Liberia. He investigated and suppressed improvised explosive devices and worked as a senior advisor to the Afghanistan Major Crimes Task Force. Holland also served for three years as a senior advisor to the United Nations Police Mission in Liberia. He currently teaches graduate level courses at George Washington University. He is also a certified instructor in anti-terrorism, active shooter, FBI General Police, workplace violence, and Peace Officer Standards and Training Police. He is the owner of Holland and Associates, a private security firm focused on training federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in kinesic interview and interrogation techniques.

For more information, call 360-623-8940.

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